Tips To Use Flood Lights For Security Purposes

We know that most of the crimes and robbery incidents happen at night. This is because it is easier for criminals to operate in the darkness of the night. Thus, as homeowners we need to shelter our homes from these bad guys. How are we going to do that? We need to have a well lit house including gardens and other areas in our home.

Street lighting maybe a great help in general but it is not enough to light all areas of your home that requires sufficient lighting. In that case, you will need to purchase and install a flood light. There are many types of flood light but it is the 250 and 500 watt tungsten that are widely used in most domestic premises. To know more about different types of flood lights visit Eliossive Solar Lighting Creation.

Flood lights can be of great help to secure our home from burglars and criminals because it has passive infrared motion sensor that enables the light to come on whenever there is movements detected. Therefore, it should be strategically mounted on areas where you think is a good hiding place for robbers.

Another thing to consider in mounting flood lights is the proximity and reach of the illumination. Apparently, you don’t want to illuminate your neighbor’s homes or properties as the act maybe perceived as breaking their privacy. On that note, it is ideal to mount your flood lights pointing downwards. The recommended angle for flood lights is 22 degrees because it is just enough to illuminate the target area and at the same time not it is not blinding for the observer.

Below are some tips and important information to remember when using flood lights. Keep these things in mind because while flood lights can provide security in our homes, it can also become risk to our property and visitors when used incorrectly.

  • Never install flood lights on areas where it can destruct drivers while they are driving a car. Accidents can happen when the driver’s sight is being obstructed.
  • If flood lights are not properly and strategically installed can be advantageous to robbers as they can use it by blinding the watchers. They can also create shadows where they can hide and remain unnoticed in normal circumstances.
  • The PIR motion sensor can be triggered by animals or things thus, it can initiate false alarms that can possibly cause hassles not just your household but also your neighbors.
  • If you don’t need a 500W flood lights, by all means avoid it as it can be very expensive to run. A 60W flood light can be enough for your premise. Buy wisely.

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Important Questions To Ask Your Health And Safety Training Provider

When you decide to get a training provider particularly for health and safety related training it is very important to make sure that they can provide you with the utmost training that you need before you close the deal with them. To achieve that, you have to ask relevant questions that can enlighten your mind of whether or not they are the ones you are looking for to give you and your team the training that you need. Here are few questions to ask to your prospective training provider.

  • Ask about the different health and safety courses that they run. Checking their website and brochures can also help you get sufficient information about their training program.
  • Ask them if they can offer accredited qualification that is recognized by a nationally renowned awarding body like NEBOSH, IOSH, CIEH, HSE, ILM and many others.
  • Ask them about their pass rates. Apparently, you are investing your money for your staffs to acquire accredited qualification so you might as well check out if there is high possibility of passing. Northernville Consulting Sdn Bhd is one of the most recognized health and safety training providers in Malaysia. Their professional service and exceptional knowledge sets them ahead of the others.
  • Ask about the place where the health and safety training courses will be held. If you have only few staff that needs training it is more practical to let them attend to an “open course” conducted by the health and safety training company. However, if you have a large team to be trained, it is a lot cheaper to have the training done in your site.
  • In the case where the training will be held in your own location, ask if you can choose the date and the time of the training so that you can set it on certain days and time that will work best for you and your team.
  • Ask if they can conduct multiple courses in different areas throughout the country (if you need it) because some training providers are only based in one geographical area.
  • Ask them about their past clients who hired them for the similar training that you asked from them and make them your reference by asking these past clients about their views and opinions on the training provider.
  • Ask about their experience and knowledge about your sector.
  • Last but definitely not the least, ask them about the total cost of the entire training and then compare their offered courses versus other training companies. Bear in mind that it is not about the amount of money that you will be spending that is important but the quality of training that you will get from them. You have to decide which one offers good value for your money.


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General Ideas On Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is one way of reducing sound pressure. This is pretty much effective when you want to avoid hearing unwanted noise or limit the sound leakage from your room to another. There are so many reasons why sound insulation is important but I have just highlighted three good reasons that can help you understand better its importance.

  1. It helps control or even stops the transmission of airborne sound – a sound of music and conversation. If you love listening to music in high volume or you’re fond of inviting friends to stay over the night for a long chat then sound insulation is something that you must consider to ensure you are not disturbing other people.
  2. Impact sound occurs when an object hits another object.  Example footsteps, hammering, sawing, chopping and the like. Those sounds can be annoying and impedes you to concentrate on your work.
  3. Acoustic flooring and insulated wall/ceiling is perfect for reducing sound effectively. This can be best used in hotels to ensure that hotel rooms are quiet enough for every guest.

There are some basic rules concerning the installation of sound insulation one of which is that it should be high quality and can endure heat and flames in case of any fire incident. Also, a pre-completion testing is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the product in reducing noise; hence, sound insulation can be better measured.

On the other hand, an alternative to pre-completion testing is Robust Details which refer to the standard or the specification and measurement of sound insulation product. Therefore, any sound insulation product that undergoes and passes the Robust Details specifications is considered to have met or exceeded the required standards set in Pre-completion testing, hence additional testing is no longer necessary.

As my last note, if you have decided to have sound insulation installed in some parts of your house and you know exactly what you are looking for, you can go ahead and install it yourself following the standards discussed above. However, if you are unsure of what you want and what you are supposed to do with it then it is better to leave the job to the professional. You may want to check out for more information.

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Malaysia’s Ten Interesting Facts

Photo credit: wikigag

Every place has its own marvels and mysteries. Most of us have known Malaysia as land of wonders and adventure. However, some of us might have not known some facts that are listed here. I’m sure you’ll get something new and interesting about this post. Let’s begin with.

  1. Before the name Malaysia was used, the country has been considering using or calling itself Langkasuka. The term derived from one of the names of the old kingdoms of Malay Peninsula.
  2. Per the record, Malaysia acquired its independence in the year 1957 from the United Kingdom. However, it is only in the year 1963 that the country was called Malaysia.
  3. Malaysian’s rarely call themselves Malaysian inside their country. They often label themselves as Malay, Chinese, Indian or Dan Lain Lain.
  4. The most ancient Anglican Church called St. George Church can be found in Penang. It is considered as the oldest in Southeast Asia.
  5. Malaysia’s Sarawak Chamber is known as the largest underground cave in the world.
  6. The size of Sarawak Chamber is enough to house 40 Boeing 747 planes easily.
  7. The Clearwater cave that can be found in Sarawak is known as the longest cave in the entire Asia measuring 107 km in length.
  8. The remains of the oldest modern man of Southeast Asia were discovered in one of the caves in Borneo.
  9. The king cobra is known as the longest and the most venomous snake in the world and this kind of snake can be found in its largest number in Malaysia.
  10. The term ringgit means “jagged” in Malay. It denotes rough edges of the Spanish silver coins that were being circulated and used in the region.

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Tips When Purchasing Women’s Shoes

Women are quite particular with their clothes, accessories and shoes. Women love to dress up and their clothing style reflects so much of their personality. Moreover, most women are born to like shoes; others even believe that shoes give them that sense of power, balance, comfort and sexiness. Shoes come in various designs, shapes, sizes and widths.

There are shoes that are narrow, wide and average.  Women with large size feet find it difficult to look for a perfect fit. This is because most of the companies do not manufacture huge volume of large sizes shoes for women. Below are some points that can be useful to help you get the right shoes with no regrets in the end.

Shoe Size

When we talk about shoes, shoe size is probably the first thing that will come out in our minds. It may appear simple as it is but sometimes it can be complicated too. Shoe companies for some reason have different output when it comes to the sizes of the shoes they produce. Sometimes it run small and sometimes it run too large despite picking the right shoe size label, hence, I recommend that you don’t just pick and buy a shoe just because it’s your size, chances are it won’t fit well. What you could do instead, is try on each and every shoe you like and see if it fits well.

Shoe Width

Another thing to consider is the width of the shoe. Shoes width can be narrow, medium, wide to extra wide. Believe me, this is going to be a problem if you don’t take time fitting the shoe before you buy one. Remember, you get a shoe to get your feet comfortable. Having tight or loose shoes will definitely give you the opposite.  Ensure that the entire ball of your feet suits perfectly into the broadest portion of the shoe.


As I mentioned earlier, it is important that you feel comfortable with the shoes you are wearing. Although there are some shoes that would hurt your fit for few days before it would fit perfectly on you, there are just perfect shoes that are comfortable as you use it fresh from the box and all throughout. offers wide range of fabulous and comfy shoes at low price. Visit their website and you could avail of fantastic discounts on selected items.

Additional Tips:

  • Go for shoes that is molded like your feet
  • Allow sufficient space at least half an inch for your lengthiest toe while standing up
  • Walk with the shoes on to make sure they are comfortable on your feet
  • When buying heels, make sure that when you try it on your feet will not trip up and down as you walk.
  • Pick the shoe that uses soft and flexible materials for the shoe head to match to the shape of your feet.

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Importance Of Attractive And Well-designed Cosmetic Packaging

In today’s world, cosmetic industry is booming quiet competently. It is one of those industries that are frequently revolutionizing to be able to cope with the demands of the market. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for not just high quality packaging but also eco-friendly packing for cosmetic products. Marketing and product packaging plays a vital in the success of products like makeup, fragrances and skin care. To understand the importance of cosmetic packaging even better, read the examples below with broadened explanation.

Makeups unlike perfume products are sold in many different sizes and shapes. It is somewhat challenging to packaging company to create packing for these products that demands for extensive tasks. Eye shadow, mascara and blush on are just few of those cosmetic products that would require a certain packaging with images and styles that are attractive and well-designed as for most cosmetic companies, these two elements is essential in a cosmetic packaging. Another point to consider when creating a packaging for makeups is its functionality. Certainly, ladies wouldn’t like to load their stunning purse with lots of blush on or eye shadows.

Fragrances on the other hand would require great packaging that can effectively catch someone’s attention and impose a feeling of beauty and glorious scent. Lest the customer enters the store with specific familiarity of the perfume brand that he or she intends to buy, packaging can greatly promote brand recognition. By just seeing the company name and the logo customers might at least take time to sniff the products. Do you now see how important a good packaging in promoting and marketing fragrances? Therefore it is crucial to create a packaging that doesn’t just focus on visual graphics but most especially, it is good to pay more attention on creating identifiable product packaging.

Skin care products are much more like makeups. It has wide range of products big and small that will certainly need some unique packaging design. Soaps, lotions, exfoliants and skin moisturizers all demands for an effective packaging that should be at par with what is the current craze in the marketplace. The packaging company must be fully aware of what is new and popular but most especially they should know the complete requirements of the so called powerful retail appeal. DSM Packaging for instance has dedicated team who takes the responsibilities to research and satisfy the client’s needs and requisites.

Lastly, the cosmetic industry nowadays is already involved in environmentally friendly business actions and so do consumers. However, not all packaging companies are willing to follow green regulations. Hence, if you want to keep up with the greener competitors then you have to look for those packaging companies that provide eco-friendly packaging.

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Earn Higher By Purchasing From Reputable Wholesale Craft Suppliers

Generally, in most types of business that requires buying and selling of goods, business owners can earn higher when they will purchase in bulk. In addition to that, the products that are being bought for reselling must be high quality and at the same time reasonably priced. The same applies in buying and selling craft supplies. The only way that you can achieve higher profit with your craft supply business is to purchase your materials from reputable wholesale craft suppliers.

When you buy craft supplies in bulk, you will likely to get special discounts. As a result, you can sell your items at lower cost compared to others who are selling the same goods. With a product that has high quality and value you can rule more revenue on each item you sold and at the same time you will be able to hold bigger chunk of the market and establish patrons.

However, looking for trusted and reliable craft suppliers is not easy. There are plenty of them out there but only few are dependable yet affordable. There are many ways that you can employ to find the best craft supplier. I have listed few ideas below for your guidance. You may also want to check out one of the most trusted online suppliers of craft materials in Malaysia at

  • You can start looking for leads from arts and crafts instructors. Ask them of some referrals if they know some so that you can check and visit the store. Arts and craft instructors are experienced in this field and therefore you can expect some good leads from them.
  • Invest small amount of money on current arts and crafts magazines, publications and of course books. Normally, you can find plenty of useful advertisements on arts and crafts in these materials. However, it is better that you don’t just buy magazines or any publication related to arts and crafts in general, be sure to check out those that covers your area of interest. Also, do not lose grasp of your goal which is to find a wholesale vendor and not just supplier for casual hobbyist.
  • Search for online crafts suppliers. You may search directly on search engines like Google and Bing but it is better if you read some articles first about art and craft supplies. Most of the time, the author of such article will leave resource links and would even suggest vendors that are trusted, reliable and inexpensive.
  • Lastly, visit trade organizations and check out some craft supply vendors. If you are not a member of any industry arts and crafts organization, this is the right time to do it. By doing so, you are not just helping yourself to keep track with your industry but also, you are giving yourself a favor of finding wholesale vendor of craft materials directly from the industry leaders and suppliers.

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Simple Ways In Maintaining Your Diesel Generator Set

Genset is one of the most useful equipment especially when you are running a business. In the world today, we are facing a constant reduction of energy supply and the increase of energy demands across the globe. And because of this condition we are experiencing power outage which is not just inconvenient personally, but also devastating to homes and businesses all over the world.

The role of generator set is to provide faultless service and endure long hours of supplying energy and safety to people. Talking about genset, a diesel generator set is one of the most widely used gensets because its durable, sturdy and reliable which is the requirement for a good standby power supply. It is normally used as the primary emergency power supply in different setup. Hence, it needs to be maintained regularly to make sure that it will function properly in times of needs and provide continuous quality power.

A diesel generator set requires proper care and maintenance to be able to last longer and work better. On that note, it is encouraged to have it checked and maintained by professionals by means of taking it out for a regular annual inspection and preventive maintenance. As for your further knowledge on maintaining your diesel generator set, below are some simple ways that you can implement as regular diesel genset maintenance.

  • Perform a general inspection by monitoring the generator’s fuel system, DC electrical system, exhaust system and engine. If you see any visible leaks, make sure to fix it right away to avoid further damage and hazards.
  • Battery testing is important to keep your battery fully charged and protect it from deteriorating. Perform a regular inspection and testing to be aware of the current battery status. That way you can avoid start-up problem which is common in diesel generator. Another way to keep your genset battery well maintained is to keep it clean at all times.
  • Engine running test is vital as the engine is frequently placed under extreme pressure among all parts of the generator equipment. It is important to regularly lubricate the engine as it prevents the corrosion of its electrical parts. By doing this test consistently, you can be sure that the generator will start quickly without fault.
  • Check the condition of the fuel system. Bear in mind that the fuel filter needs cleaning in frequent intervals to ensure that dusts and water vapor are drained out from the tank. It is strongly recommended that you change fuel every six months or twelve months maximum to avoid fuel to become contaminated. Good fuel quality can prolong the life of your diesel generator set.
  • Check engine oil in regular intervals while the genset is shut off. Also, make sure to change the engine oil and filter at the suggested timed intervals.
  • Cooling system must be regularly checked. After shutting the engine, check the level of coolant and take off the radiator cap to cool down the engine. In addition to that, check the coolant exterior if there are any form of obstruction and dirt.

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Awesome Activities That Couples Can Do In Malaysia

Photo credit: chezzem

Thank God it’s Friday! I’m sure you can’t wait to spend your weekend with your loved ones especially your special someone. How do you plan to spend your weekend together? Have lunch, watch movie or play badminton? What’s new? What about having some awesome adventure? Isn’t it amazing to do something else than the usual? Below are my suggestions on how you can spend your weekend with your partner with an awesome twist of adventure. Are you ready?

  • Go for an ATV waterfall adventure. Isn’t it exciting to get dirty all together? Driving ATV is undeniably fun, but doing it with your special someone will double the excitement and adventure.
  • Get wet by trying stand-up paddling. This activity will test you and your partner’s energy levels and teamwork. Give it a try; there is a good place to try that in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
  • Orbing downhill is another fun activity. If you are bored with Ferris wheel, then try rolling down the slope while you and your partner are trapped inside an oversize plastic orb. Sounds fun eh?
  • Can’t get enough with rigorous exercises? Try rock climbing. It is an extreme outdoor activity that is very challenging. You and your partner will help each other and develop trust and understanding as you conquer each rock together.
  • Tour Kuala Lumpur together as tourists. You can take the hop-on, hop-off bus and discover the city’s famous places and romantic haven.


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Diesel Generators for Emergencies and Non-Emergencies

A diesel power generator combines a diesel engine with an electric generator to generate electricity through chemical processes. Diesel generators come in different sizes. They vary in power output that ranges from 8 to 20,000 kW, depending on the type. They can be used at homes or commercial buildings.

For industrial usage, diesel generators are commonly seen in places with no access to any power grid, for example at an undeveloped site. Diesel generators can be a temporary power solution to keep work running.

Diesel generators can also function as reliable emergency backup electrical generators. With these power generators, commercial buildings can continue to be powered during power outages. A continual power supply is especially crucial to water plants, hospitals and data centres as an operation cease can bring catastrophic consequences to the community. Besides, diesel generators are also employed on ships. In the UK, diesel generators stand by to support the National Grid on a timely basis.

Diesel generators promise a steady electric supply due to its high torque characteristic. Diesel generators provide relatively short response time with its ability to restart a grid automatically within ten seconds with a full electric load.

Since they do not source energy from natural gas, diesel powered generators offer a safe and immediate emergency backup because during natural disasters gas lines are switched off instantly to avoid any risk of fire. In the US, diesel generators come in handy during the hurricane season as power outages occur very often. There is no need to replace or maintain spare parts for a diesel generator, and it lasts longer than gas generators since it consumes half as much fuel. Diesel engines burn cleaner than gas and have a reduced risk of fire hazards.

Daiden is a top provider of diesel generators in Malaysia. Buyers are able to obtain sufficient energy temporarily through the use of a diesel generator from Daiden for distribution boards, transformers, and even to power up local power grids. Visit for more power solutions. Read further for more information on diesel generators.

To possess a diesel generator, the owner has to determine the type of use and application of it, whether it is for emergency, non-emergency or as a prime power supply. Different regulations apply for different usage. However tough and convenient diesel generators may seem, caution must be taken as its engine can suffer damage because of misuse. This can be prevented by carefully adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Consult your provider when buying and ask if they perform scheduled maintenance for your equipment.

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